Videotipp: “Die Macht der Zuschauer” und “Warum Fernsehen?”

3sat-logoDie 3sat-Reportage über das Wesen der Quotenmessung und die Relevanz dieser Methode angesichts der Digitalisierung des Medienkonsums gibt es in der 3sat Mediathek.

Dazu die Talkrunde “Warum Fernsehen?” mit Gerd Scobel, hier. und den Artikel mit Clips gibt’s hier.

Research On Mobile Media Consumption And Apps Published

mobileapptimespentResearchers from Comscore have published the results of their study on digital media consumption.

It shows that mobile has overtaken desktop/laptop when it comes to time spent with media. On mobile devices, it’s the apps like Facebook that gobble up most of the users’ attention. From Techcrunch’s article: “Here’s another notable tidbit: 42% of all app time on smartphones takes place in that individual’s single most used app. 3 out of 4 minutes is spent in the individual’s top 4 apps. The top brands, which account for 9 out of the top 10 most used apps, include Facebook, Google, Apple, Yahoo, Amazon and eBay.”

Go to Comscore for the Whitepaper.

Playstation TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV – It’s Getting Crowded In The Streaming Device Market

pstvPlaystation TV is set to be released in the US in October, Smart TVs running on Android TV are also rumored to hit the market this fall, while Roku is getting inside Smart TVs and still selling lots of Roku 3 boxes, competing with the million-seller Apple TV and Google’s cheap Chromecast stick. Don’t forget Amazon Fire TV and all the others!

The competition just keeps on growing in the streaming device market and this is a good thing for consumers because everyone wants to lure them into their ecosystems by keeping prices low and adding feature after feature: OTT video and television, cloud-DVR, (cloud) gaming, you name it, you can have it.

Read more on this developing market at Fierce Online Video.

Sony Doesn’t Know Why The PS4 Is Doing Well

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Looks like 10 million core gamers got their PS4. Now, how does Sony get everyone else to buy one?

Originally posted on TechCrunch:

PlayStation 4

Earlier this month, Sony announced that it has already sold 10 million units of its PlayStation 4 game console since its launch last November, a record-setting figure for the company’s hardware. In an interview with Eurogamer published yesterday, Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida admitted that the company doesn’t really know why its console is doing so well in today’s gaming market.

That sounds like a good problem to have. When sales are high, something is working, so why rock the boat, right?

But as Yoshida points out in the interview, not knowing why people are buying its console now could have serious implications on Sony’s strategy going forward. If it turns out that all of the “core” gamers – those who consistently buy the latest releases in series like Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto — coincidentally decided to all buy their preferred next-gen console at once, then it’s…

View original 432 more words

Youtube Music Key Revealed

44540-youtube-music1Google is supposedly set to launch a Youtube-based music subscription service called Youtube Music Key.

Further they have renamed their Google Play Music All Access subscription service to Google Play Music Key. These two services might be bundled into a $9,99/month service. You can either watch videos (including live footage and remixes) or just listen to music in the background.

Stay tuned for more info as it leaks.

Head to Techcrunch for more.


The Roku Box Is In Your TV Now

roku_tv_tcl_620pxRoku, one of the leading makers of streaming devices, has made their box invisible, by integrating it into connected TV sets by TCL and Hisense.

This move anticipates the evolution of connected devices. Soon, nobody will have to litter the living room with boxes and cables, because it’s all in your Smart TV. So before becoming obsolete, Roku decided to help empower TV makers with their proven know-how in search and discovery and user experience. On top, Roku has partnerships in place with  the leading streaming services and offers 1,700 apps.

It remains to be seen if this move by Roku will help it against Google’s and Apple’s TV ambitions.

Read more at Techcrunch.

Apps: Almost none are making money

appsLet this sink in, before you dump your lie savings into a crazy start-up that has a great idea fo an App: 2 percent of all app developers pull in over 50 percent of all app revenue—”The revenue distribution is so heavily skewed towards the top that just 1.6% of developers make multiples of the other 98.4% combined.” A staggering 47% of app developers either make literally no money, or less than $100 per month, per app.

Valleywag has more insights from a survey among App developers.



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