Summarizing The Reasons For Personalization Of TV

logoOn their company blog, cloud TV platform maker Comigo, sings the praise of personalizing the TV experience for pay TV customers:

“The benefits for TV viewers are obvious. Viewers are finding the content they like faster, so they’re watching more TV, they’re ordering more VOD offerings, and they’re happier with their service operator.

And the benefits for operators aren’t so bad either… Increased viewer satisfaction and engagement means less subscriber churn, more premium content ordered, and subscribers who are actively talking to friends about the service, in turn, bringing about potential new business.”

Check out the whole article, which features some interesting links to recent research, here.

Nvidia’s Shield Tablet And Shield Controller Look To Offer No-Compromise Mobile Gaming

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:
[tc_5min code="518332065"] The Nvidia Shield was a first attempt by graphics chip- and card-maker Nvidia, but it gave the company a taste for building gadgets that wouldn’t go away, so now they’re back with the Shield Tablet, a gaming monster that doubles as a $299 Android slate. Nvidia’s gaming tablet is…

The Majority Of Today’s App Businesses Are Not Sustainable

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Though the app stores continue to fill up with ever more mobile applications, the reality is that most of these are not sustainable businesses. According to a new report out this morning, half (50%) of iOS developers and even more (64%) Android developers are operating below the “app poverty line” of $500 per app per month.

This detail was one of many released in VisionMobile’s latest Developer Economics report (for Q3 2014), which was based on a large-scale online developer survey and one-to-one interviews with mobile app developers. This report included the responses from over 10,000 developers from 137 countries worldwide, taking place over 5 weeks in April and May.

That mobile app developers are challenged in getting their apps discovered, downloaded and then actually used, is a well-known fact. But seeing the figures associated with exactly how tough it is out there is rather revealing. It seems the “1%”…

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Netflix Passes 50M Subscribers As It Reports Better Than Expected Q2 Revenue Of $1.34B

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

This afternoon following the closing bell, Netflix announced the financial results of its second quarter, including revenue of $1.34 billion and earnings per share of $1.15. Analysts had expected Netflix to report $1.33 billion in revenue and $1.16 per share in earnings.

The company, which traded up around 1.7% during regular trading in a down market, is up around 1% after-hours following its mixed earnings report. Netflix’s year-ago second quarter in 2013 was disappointing, with top-line of $1.07 billion and earnings per share of $0.49.

In its most recent three-quarter period, Netflix saw its total subscriber base grow by 1.69 million to 50.05 million. Its domestic subscriber base grew 570,000, to 36.24 million. Its international subscriber base grew 1.12 million, to 13.8 million. The company had predicted that it would add 1.46 million new subscribers in the period, ending at an estimated total of 49.81 million. It beat that forecast.

In its sequentially preceding…

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QPlay Gets Shut Down

Qplay_ID_Master_Sad_1024-300x133You’ve never heard of QPlay? It was a video streaming service by two of the TiVo founders on a $49 streaming device and later on your iPad. It was supposed to let you watch a continuous stream of web videos.

Well, it never gained traction in the competitive streaming device market and it lacked the premium content required to pique the consumer’s interest. So while I still think it’s a good idea to turn the consumption of internet video into more of a lean back flow, we can say good-bye to QPlay.

Read more at Techcrunch.


With Project Miami, Bouygues Telecom Partners With Google To Reinvent Its Innovation Strategy

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:
[tc_dropcap]It was a sunny Friday morning, but I could still see the Eiffel Tower through the blinds of this conference room in Bouygues Telecom’s tower. I was the second person outside of the company to see the Android TV-powered project, and I could feel the excitement in the air.[/tc_dropcap] In the…

Amazon is testing “Kindle Unlimited,” an ebook subscription service for $9.99/month

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All-you-can-read buffet by Amazon for $9,99/month.

Originally posted on Gigaom:

Amazon(s AMZN) is testing an ebook and audiobook subscription service called “Kindle Unlimited” that offers “unlimited access to over 600,000 titles and thousands of audiobooks on any device for just $9.99 a month.” Most of the test pages were pulled down Wednesday after some users on the Kindle Boards noticed them, but they are still available through Google Cache and some are still live on Amazon’s site.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 10.32.27 AM

Amazon’s service, which has been rumored for a couple of months, would compete with existing ebook subscription services Scribd and Oyster. Publishers Lunch reported last month that Amazon was speaking to U.S. publishers about participating in such a service.

One page, still active at the time of this post and titled “KU Test,” shows 638,416 available titles, and you can browse through them. Among them are many books from Amazon’s publishing imprints, and many books that were already available through Amazon’s

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